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Deep Calls To DeepMy heart dreams for the depths of the Uncreated One. My heart yearns for His holy halls of intimacy. The mystery of my Maker mystifies my mind. I can taste Him in the wind swept in from the ocean of the unknown. I hear rumors of His mystery in the roaring tides. I can feel the mists of glory descending from the shore.

One small touch of Him shakes the foundations of my being. One small touch rends the calloused veil over my mind. I feel my death shawl shrivel in a furious blur. Electrostatic shockwaves surge salvation through my soul. Awake O inner-man! Awake, and pierce the night with holy fire!

The heat of His heart only hastens my hunger. The fire of His love only quickens my pursuit. No one can fathom His mountainous depths. His light is more unsearchable than the darkest foundations. His halls are more unreachable than the infinite cosmos beyond.

His billows and His breakers saturate the secret places.

His billows and His breakers saturate the secret places. Light and dark are alike to Him. He spans the universe with the palm of His hand. He makes His home within the inscrutable soul. He is narrower than the infinitesimal atom; He is wider than the sprawling web of the galactic ocean.

The depths of Him draw out the depths in me. I hear him call across the chasms. Hear Him cry out, “Where are you?” This same summons echoes out from the garden long ago. This same summons fills me with a hunger to be known.

How long will I tarry here in the half-way heart of hunger? How long will I look on without responding to the call? Like Moses, I’ve been too long upon this mountain. It’s time I journey to the shore.

The promised land of intimacy awaits me. I hear a song like serenity lead me forward. I move on from the fear of condemnation. I press on toward the sea of deliverance. As I wade knee deep in my own inability cross the great divide, I cry out for Him in whom my soul delights.

The wind of Your Spirit howls at the boundaries between us. A pathway parts in the power of Your presence.

The wind of Your Spirit howls at the boundaries between us. A pathway parts in the power of Your presence. You draw me out on dry ground toward the deep; You summon me into the depth of dreams.

I long for the deep mysteries of God. I do not long to understand them with my mind, but to experience them with the fullness of my eternal soul. I long to pierce through the heavenly veil and gaze upon the glory that is God.

Psalm 42:7 – Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;
All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.

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