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WaveDown upon dry ground in the depths, I stand between the pillars of His infinite sea. I drive out upon the narrow path, down between the walls of the deep, down upon the lowest dry bed of the depths.

I tarry here. I pause with pregnant expectation. I wait for the colossal weight of Your presence to fall.  I will call for the clouds to come cover me. I will pray for the wind to blow. I will wait for the breakers to fall. If I try to make myself immovable, I will be crushed. I must let the currents of glory guide my course.

I wait for the colossal weight of Your presence to fall.

I see up toward the cloud tops, the white-gloss water curves to cover me. The mists fall first to kiss my face. I see His promised bow upon the waves. As I pass through these waters, He will be with me.

Walls of wonder come closing in. His trumpets shout through the collapsing waves. I am terrified. I am awestruck. I am undone.

Who can stand before your holy depths? Who cannot tremble before the majesty of the Lord? I am tossed into the torrential flood. I am stripped of superficiality. I am exposed by the raw power of His holy love.

The secrets of my innermost being resound like an echoing alarm. All of my darkest dreams, ideas and desires are drawn out of the depths of my soul. I try to hold my breath to keep from drowning in this abyss, but at last I let my lungs fill in with the flood of Your love.

Oh the violence of your love Father! Oh the violence of Your love! You dive into the deep darkness to lift me from the depths. Nothing is able to separate me from your love. You kindle unquenchable fire in my heart. Peace perfects me in the unshakable stillness of your indwelling presence. My heart is at rest here in the power of your embrace.

Peace perfects me in the unshakable stillness of your indwelling presence.

Draw me in, O God, draw me in! I am captured in the grace tide. I am drowning in your joy. What sickness can separate us? What can ebb the turbulent passion of my redeemer’s favor upon my life?

Nothing will ever come between. Nothing can claim me but Christ. You’re unraveling the lies that have twisted and turned all the secret places of my heart. Like a surgeon you’ve saturated me with your anesthetic of grace. You’ve taken the scalpel of truth and cut out all the root systems that have bound my heart like chains in darkness.

Father, Abba, you’ve set me free. I know now the strength of your love. This is what happens when deep meets deep. I am bound to your unfailing love; I will never be shaken.

Job 12:22—He reveals mysteries from the darkness, and brings the deep darkness into light.

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