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Clouds of Heaven.pngBeauty is the sun’s unveiled ascent into the morning. Lifted up like wings come clouds that cling to the horizon. They come gilded, glistening; white-waved mountains crowned with crenellations in the mist.

Beauty is the sun’s unveiled ascent into the morning.

Golden grace rises up from the deep of time; the earth dons her brightest hues and waits. The sun sinks up and sends out salient shoots. All at once, its brilliant beams collide with the world. Bursts of kaleidoscopic wonder winnow the darkness away.

Trumpets call forth for a king from the east, and the sky blushes pink. Blue banners blanket and banish the fading night; all the stars bow low before his coming. Winged ones awake to sing in celebration of their freedom from the night. Clouds surround the budding sun like full-flowered petals in the sky.  The long awaited day has come.

From the hills I stand with the cloud watchers waiting. Their eyes are sewn to the horizon in awe; their eyes are filled with longing and hope. I close my eyes; the wind and the warmth of the coming light carry me into the heart of the dawn. I am enveloped in the wake of an awaited wish, the reunion of this broken world with the perfection of bliss.

The tethers of gravity snap with a flash; the dead drop out graves and fall into the snow-golden sky.

The tethers of gravity snap with a flash; the dead drop out graves and fall into the snow-golden sky. The earth is happy to release them; heaven shouts for joy to receive them. Drums of thunder quake in the final march of love against pride. Mountains bow low, and the great seas rise.

In the morning, my soul is accosted with hope when I see the earth give way to the light of the sun. I know it is a sign of great things to come. The cups of mercy are renewed, and barrels of joy restored. Our Father’s impartial patience pours out light upon the whole world—the world for whom he poured out the light of his son, and the son who rose again like the light of the dawn.


Water me with your welcoming light. Help me to accept in the center of my soul that you are truly gracious and good. Awake me with hope in the morning. Seal me with the evening’s parting promise; you will return with power and glory, riding on the clouds of the sky.

Psalm 65:8—They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.

Daniel 7:13—“I kept looking in the night visions,
And behold, with the clouds of heaven
One like a Son of Man was coming…”




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