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A Sustainable Saturday Schedule

As a husband, a father, and full-time worker, I’ve had to rethink my original intention to post daily. Life is real, and family is first. Therefore, I’ve taken a brief hiatus and will resume weekly posts every Saturday morning beginning this coming Saturday (The post will be on the Glory of God for those who are interested).

The message of this blog, Awe and Wonder, has been growing as a seed in my heart for many years. My heart has been captivated by a mere glimpse of the Father’s eternal glory, and I am caught up in the everlasting joyous awestruck pursuit, even as I am still walking through learning how to walk by the Spirit. Believe me, I have stumbled often throughout this journey, even grievously. I am so thankful and humbled by His tender mercy, forgiveness and grace that bids me rise and return into the fullness of His love. I will overcome and have overcome in Him. One of my greatest desires is to share the impact of the beauty of the Lord—to show as many as possible who He truly is—through creative writing and testimonies of His awe and wonder working through the lives of His children.

I encourage any and all who are reading to let me know how the Lord is working in your life. If He speaks, reveals, or works in a special way in your life through this blog, don’t be afraid to share. I am praying that His Holy Spirit would work mightily beyond all that I can ask or imagine through my meager attempts to talk about His awesome and wonderful name.

Be blessed,

Thomas David Teoli

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