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“The single most important thing needed in prophetic ministry is love.” — Sherri Colvin

sherri colvin

We are often told not to trust our thoughts, not to listen to our feelings because both of them can be liars.  And that’s true – they can be liars.  But they can also be accurate.  Simply put, so many of us have completely shut down our ability to hear, sense, see and give a voice to the still, small voice within, out of fear of being false.  We see it as coming from an unreliable source, we see ourselves as that unreliable source. So we ignore, divert and cut off the prophetic flow from our lives.

Stop it!

It’s time to start putting some trust in what God trusts.  He trusts YOU. He gives you the insight into lives and situations, now you need to trust yourself to minister the answer.  Will you get it wrong at times? Yes.  But you will touch more lives by stepping out and…

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