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Brilliance and Subtlety

— Kerith Hart —

The seasons are changing again. It is fall. All that is green is beginning to change to brilliance. Reds and yellows. Oranges and purples. Trees are, in a sense, getting ready for winter’s sleep. This cycle of life is ending, and the cycle of waiting is beginning.

In the transition, however, work must be done. Harvest time is here. The gathering is now. The richness of the Earth is there to avail us through the season of lack.

This cycle of life is ending, and the cycle of waiting is beginning.

One evening in late July, my wife and I were having dinner at our spiritual dad’s house. Everything was still very green. The air still steamed, and the yearning for the cool air of fall began to seep into my bones again. This yearning awakened me to notice how nature itself was behaving. As we sat and communed over the Word, I happened to look out of the window by the table, and what did I see? An orb weaver building her web.


Upon seeing her, I reminisced back to late summer of 2013. Mother Nature acted strange and erratic that year. I particularly noticed that spiders were making webs everywhere. Their behavior was typical of what I would see in September and October. From small ones to the somewhat large orb weavers, all were tenaciously making webs.

I thought of how strong webs are, yet so fragile; of how visible, yet invisible.

I said to myself, “you guys are working rather early. Why are you making such webs in the heat of the year like this?”  I had some prophetic intuition that we were going to have a rough winter, at least by North Carolina standards. Lo and behold, the entire country endured a record-breaking winter.

I came back to reality after a moment only to become enchanted with how the weaver spun her web. I thought of how strong webs are, yet so fragile; of how visible, yet invisible. I thought of the times where a web shines blatantly in your face, yet other times where the web hides subtle against the backdrop of the forest.

Usually, spiders and their webs evoke thoughts and metaphors of evil and the workings of the evil one. Yet, this was different. I became attuned to the gentle presence of the Master. I asked the Lord what the spider was revealing. He simply told me, “Cast your net, and gather up for the season to come.”

“Cast your net, and gather up for the season to come.”

I realized this is what the weaver was doing, gathering and storing food and strength for the lean season to come. Without fail, the temptation of fear slipped in and began to entice me, but the Peace of the Almighty was ever present and scattered my enemy from about me.

I knew in my spirit this was the time to put the house in order and to seek the Lord for direction. It was time to get in the secret place.

I knew this wasn’t a temptation to hoard as the world would have us do. Rather it was a calling to store up. Our nets of faith needed to be cast out and simply trust and watch for what the Lord would bring. For He knows all things, and He will sustain us in all seasons.

As I’m writing, I think of Joseph and how the Lord used him in Egypt to govern and ultimately store up the riches and sustenance for the forthcoming lean season. Joseph took his dreams to heart and did not let them slip through his hands.

 He knows all things, and He will sustain us in all seasons.

Through all the trials Joseph endured, he did not succumb. No, he anchored his trust in the Ancient One. Joseph trusted the Ancient One for he knew the Ancient One would see His word fulfilled.

“Gather up strength and life in My presence and in the fullness of who I am. Trust and know that I AM. I provide, and there is no lack in My presence. There shall be overflow when the time comes, and you will know what to do with that overflow. Abundance shall be in your possession. I will show you in time how to govern. Only trust and obey My leading. For I am with you and will never leave you, nor forsake you. Trust Me. Again, I say trust Me, and watch what I’m about to do.”


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