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Voice of Eternity

— Kerith Hart —

This past Monday, I was enjoying a quiet day to myself. I had planned to get a couple things done as I had taken an extra day off from work. But I felt a beckoning from the Father to be still. To listen. To commune with Him.

At first there was an undercurrent to inhibit this communion from happening, but I pressed through. I put on some good music and felt led to read Psalm 19. As I did there was a near immediate response from the Father’s heart that arrested any residual restlessness.

I became acutely aware of an ache in His heart…

I became acutely aware of an ache in His heart for His beloved to gaze upon creation and to listen for His eternal voice. The Voice that is in all things. The Voice that’s been since before time. The Voice that will be in the end. However, I was amazed as I began to read Psalm 19 and realized how much the heavens and all creation eternally resonate with the Father’s presence.

As I allowed the Lord to move, I began to hear Him speak and speak He did…..

“Look to the heavens My daughter. Look to the heavens My son. Incline your ear. Incline your ear to that which has been since the Ancient of Days. For the heavens are telling of the Glory of God and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Can you hear it son? Can you hear it daughter? Day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge. Draw nigh unto Me, My son; draw nigh unto Me, My daughter, that you may hear words unspoken and voices unheard.

Incline your ear…

“Come unto Me, My children. Come. Come walk with me. Come. Come My son. Come My daughter. Come and incline your ear to the heavens for the heavens have a sound that has gone out through all the earth and an utterance to the end of the world. Come and gaze upon the heavens. See the glorious expanse cast above you. Gaze with intent upon the eternal expanse. Gaze but listen and hear the Ancient Voice, The Voice some say is an echo. I AM not an echo. I AM that I AM.
“My son. My daughter. Come and incline your ear to the eternal Voice of Love. It has never stopped to be reduced to a mere echo. My voice spoke forth the heavens. My voice was there as I formed you and as I consecrated you before you were even born.
“Will you come? Will you come and hear My voice as I sing over you? As I speak over you? As I brood over you? As My wings cover you? As the shelter of My rock protects you? Come My children, come.

Can you hear My heart…

“Can you hear My heart beating for you? Can you hear My lungs swell as I breathe life into you?  Can you hear My whisper in your ear? Can you son? Can you My daughter? For I’ve not left you in the distance. My whisper of love is ever present and is all encompassing and is never ending and is omnipotent and is omniscient. The love in My voice is carried in the winds and cannot stop. It flows all around you even when you don’t know it. My love is inescapable for by it you were created and by it you live.
“Come daughter. Come My son. Gaze upon My glory and incline your ear to the Love that is and was and is to come. Come and be with Me that you may behold the covenant of My love. Come close that My voice may saturate you with My love. Come My children. Come to me. Come….”

Be blessed and may you behold the One who loves you.


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