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The Summons…

This site is a summoning; a call to come up higher. Words to whet the appetite and awaken the will. Crafted to call all hearts in pursuit. Woven to inspire the soul with the freshest fire of life.

Come and meditate with me on the beauty of God and the awesome wonder of His name. There is no higher calling than to know Him, and to know Him is a never-ending exploration of mystery, wonder and delight.

Drawing Near…

As we draw near to Him, He draws near to us, and our God is a consuming fire. He will melt away the frozen chambers and burn off all the superficial fluff. He will uncover all the dead earth and reveal precious gold.

He will rush in with the winds of life and displace every noxious thought, disposition and desire. He will open eyes to see—as in a mirror—the eternal image of unfailing love. His brilliant face will shine, and you will radiantly reflect all the glory of His beloved Son.

The Journey…

If you journey in pursuit of our Holy God, you will become as a little child. This is the only way to enter the dwelling place of the Father, and the only way to become a dwelling place in turn.

For He who is high and lifted up dwells with the lowly and the poor. He makes His home with little sons and daughters for whom He Himself is home. If you would, like Alice, take the plunge into Wonderland, you must first become small enough to walk through the door..